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Interesting Facts About Craps You Should Know

Craps is a well-known game that has been featured in films and is played with great vigor worldwide. You undoubtedly know how to play craps, but did you realize that the game itself has a fascinating history? If not, we’ve come up with some interesting facts that we’re sure you’ve never heard before.

Combination of dices

Craps is a well-known game that is played with two six-sided dice. As a result, there are eleven different ending tallies when the dice are rolled at the very exact moment. However, eleven different results are imaginable, and you can get there in 36 various ways. So grab the dice and throw them to see if you can get all of the potential dice combos to win the craps game.

two six-sided dice

Uninterrupted rolls

It’s tough to acquire a seven while playing craps because two dice are involved, and getting the precise number is challenging. However, an older woman from New Jersey surpassed all the benchmarks and set a new one that will be tough to beat in the future. She rolled 154 uninterrupted tosses with a pair of dice.

The rolls went for more than four hours, and there were many enthusiasts on hand to see this extraordinary incident. Surprisingly, the elderly lady revealed that she had no idea about the game.


People believe in superstitions associated with each game. Craps is the same way. One of the most well-known craps beliefs is that one should never say the number seven aloud at a craps table. As a result, people commonly refer to the number seven as “it” or “devil.”

Because the winning number in the game is seven, there are numerous ways to obtain that number. As a result, many individuals believe it is advisable not to use the number to eliminate any mysterious powers at the table.

craps table

Major wins

At some point in history, every casino game has had a huge winner. Even during the game of craps, there have been several enormous winnings. The “devil” number of the game was among the most significant renowned bets. The major champion, who won $777,777 on the game’s “don’t pass” wager, indeed had a lucky break.

More workers to manage the table

Craps is a game that most people are drawn to when they visit a casino. Similarly, on weekends, the craps table is surrounded by a large crowd. As a result, one worker cannot handle the public and keep things running smoothly for the players.

Therefore, nearly four staff are necessary to handle the craps table to avoid any disturbance to the players and ensure that the game is played correctly.

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