Data Collection and Analysis Workshop
EMBARQ India partners with KSRTC to conduct training for staff
Published on Feb 28 2013

25th February 2013 | Bangalore: EMBARQ India in partnership with Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) conducted a two-day intensive workshop for KSRTC officials on data collection and analysis methods. More than 30 staff from all the divisions of the KSRTC attended this workshop. The importance of performance monitoring and user opinion to develop a high quality bus service was the main focus of the workshop.

On the first day of the workshop, Srikanth Shastry, Associate – Urban Transport, EMBARQ India presented on field-based and technology-based data collection methods and analysis. The officials were informed about analysis techniques and survey methods like the boarding alighting surveys, user opinion surveys, bus occupancy surveys and vehicle count surveys. In addition to these field based data collection techniques, they were also informed about the use of technology for analysis. Increasing use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETMs) provide public transport agencies a great opportunity for analysis and decision making. These techniques could be used for various analyses such as service optimisation, travel time modeling, and scheduling. The officials were also introduced to these concepts in this session.

On the second day, there was a field visit where the officials received on-field training on data collection methods introduced on the first day. The officials were divided into two main groups and were given specific areas to survey. As a part of the exercise, the officials collected boarding alighting data, bus occupancy data and also conducted passenger interviews, which was then presented to the larger group. This helped the officials get acquainted with the process of analysis and decision-making.

KSRTC has already set up various technological systems like the award winning Intelligent Transport System, MITRA, in Mysore. The corporation uses ETMs quite extensively and is in the process of installing GPS systems on an additional 4000 buses. This presents an opportunity to KSRTC to use these databases for analysis. This training is an important step ahead because the officials are now empowered with tools and knowhow that will help them analyse the data available and further improve the services provided by them.