Cycling for Change
Making Gurgaon Cycle-Friendly
Published on Apr 30 2013
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Photo: (L-R) Dr. Praveen Kumar, HUDA Administrator, Ashok Sangwan, Commissioner Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG), and Sarika Panda Bhatt, EMBARQ India at the cycle rally.

14 April 2013 | Gurgaon: EMBARQ India and Pedal Yatri supported the Heritage School in organising a 12 km cycle rally in Gurgaon. It was held on 14th April 2013, and almost 300 cyclists participated, including students, parents, and teachers from Heritage School; senior government officials from Gurgaon; and members from Pedal Yatri and EMBARQ India.

Cycles have several social, environmental and life changing experiences to offer. Children associate cycles with freedom, self-achievement and joy. It liberates and transforms the human energy into movement and action. The cycle thus provides a very meaningful context for people to study and contribute.

EMBARQ India partnered with Heritage School, Gurgaon, and Pedal Yatri to engage children in a research project where they learned about other cycle-friendly cities around the world, traffic observation field work, neighbourhood surveys and interviewing different profiles of cyclists. The children prepared a list of long-term and short-term recommendations based on their research findings.

The questions which arose were – can we experience freedom and self-reliance in our cities? And, is Gurgaon a cycle-friendly city?

Heritage School is committed to working towards making Gurgaon more cycle-friendly by:
• Running awareness campaigns and rallies to promote cycling as an alternative mode of transport
• Addressing the growing concerns related to pollution caused by motorised vehicles
• Advocating for separate bicycle tracks

At the rally, the report compiled as a result of the research project, ‘Making Gurgaon a Bike Firendly City – 2013' with findings and recommendations, was presented to the senior government officials, including the police commissioner, the HUDA administrator, and the MCG commissioner.